On D-Day, June 6 1944, a group of 22 men, led by Lt Richard D Winters, attacked a German 105 mm gun battery at Brécourt, Normandy.

This map shows the positions of the four guns, the German and US machine gun positions and a few more details about the assault, however, in his mémoires, late Maj Winters mapped gun #1 at the most northern machine gun position but then later he endorsed the four guns being in a straight line.

Four soldiers who participated the attack remain unidentified and the action of Cpt Speirs’ team is not mapped yet.

In the assault:

Lt Richard D Winters-Cpl Joe Toye-Pvt Popeye Wynn-Pvt Gerald Loraine-Lt Buck Compton-Sgt Bill Guarnere

Cpl Don Malarkey-Sgt Carwood Lipton-Sgt Mike Ranney-Pvt Joe Liebgott-Pvt Cleveland Petty-Pvt John Plesha

Pvt Walter Hendrix-Pvt John D Halls (Killed in Action)-Cpt Clarence Hester-Andrew Hill (Killed in Action)

Lt Ronald Speirs (D Company)-Pvt J ‘Rusty’ Houck (Killed in Action)