The 106 Infantry Division in the Battle of the Bulge. In this episode of the Bunker Boys Show, series co-host Reg Jans interviews Belgian historian Carl Wouters. Carl has dedicated his life to research the unit’s history from its formation until the end of WW2. He is a friend of the veterans and was adopted bij their association as the European Unit Historian!

On 19 December 1944, 6.000+ soldiers, of almost two entire regiments, surrendered to the overwhelming German force. After Bataan it was the largest surrender in the history of the US Army. But didn’t they oppose the enemy at all? Didn’t they fight? Well… They DID oppose and DID fight a helluva fight and successfully defended the Key-city of St-Vith for six days.

This interview tells the TRUE story of the heroic men of the Golden Lion Division. Have a look and justify their heroic exploits!