Map with specific WWII sites related to the battle for Bastogne.  A great source for historians, history enthusiasts and everyone who wants to visit the battle sites of the formerly besieged town. Frequently updated!

ZOOM IN and OUT to find more sites! Then move cursor over flags or click flags to see more details.

To get the full experience and learn about the countless events that occured during the Siege of Bastogne, it is recommended to spend multiple days in the Battered Bastion.

To see it all, one should at least spend two or three days of touring the area with an experienced and knowledgeable guide. Reg Jans, Roby Clam, Henri Mignon and Frank Gubbels come highly recommended. (

The Bastogne map is a great source for historians, authors,  researchers, history buffs and people who are planning a visit to Bastogne!

On a regular basis, this map will be updated. More ‘then and now’ photo’s, site-specific info, stories and directions will be published!

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