Film Schedule 2017 Normandie-World War II International Film Festival

June 2-Utah Beach Museum Theatre

(Red Carpet Event 7:55PM)

8PM Normandy: A World Apart (8m, U S A)
Normandy: A World Apart tells the story of a 95-
year-old, American WWII Veteran, as he travels
back to the shores of Omaha Beach for the first
time in 72-years.

8:10PM Here Again (45m, United Kingdom)
An aging American novelist/correspondent and an egger young paratrooper are
injured and lost during the airborne invasion of Normandy, 1944. Helped by a
French mother and daughter, they worry that the girl, who has a German
boyfriend, will betray them. As the allies advance and the fighting draws near, the
danger grows.

8:55PM Wolves (12m, Spain)
World War II. Arthur, British Royal Air Force pilot, flees cross-country after his
plain crashes. He begins a fight for survival in which he will encounter more than
German enemies.

9:10PM After the War (14m, Russian Federation, Ukraine)
It is a story about two soldiers who recently fought on the opposing sides. Now
they are destined to come face to face and feel crime and remorse, despair and
tears. This is how they realized that the war is ruthless and senseless and decided
to leave it together.

9:25PM Return to Normandy (27m, France, U S A)
In 2014, twenty-two World War II veterans were presented with the opportunity
to return to Normandy, France to participate in 70th anniversary of D-Day
celebrations. Most of the veterans had never returned to the ground on which
they fought and many still felt resentment at their treatment by the French after
the war.

9:55PM Where’s Johnny Fleischmann? (19m, U S A)
Johnny Fleischmann was deemed a war hero on the home front with growing
popularity for his war bond radio show contest, but when War World II ended
things took a strange turn and life imitated art… Where indeed, is… Johnny

10:15PM Addle Strife (10m, U S A)
Two U.S. paratroopers track down an injured German soldier after a failed

10:30PM HALF PINT (20m, U S A)
When his family takes him to a museum on a rainy day, 13-year-old Jim doesn’t
care much for history, until he finds himself thrown back in time to 1944 France on
the eve of D Day where he runs into four American airborne soldiers (Sarge, Ace,
Joker & Sparks). The four soldiers give him the nick name ‘Half Pint’ and take this
lost boy along on their mission as forward observers.

June 3-Bayeux, Cinema Le Melies

6PM An American Solo (93m, U S A)
The life story (thus far) of a vibrant, extremely candid 95-year-old resident of NH
who raised himself (abandoned by single mother), became a decorated WWII
fighter pilot, commanded the first nuclear-armed fighter squadron in the Cold
War, flew combat in Vietnam, was shot down (and barely rescued) over Laos.

7:45PM After Auschwitz: The Stories of Six Women (82m, U S A)
After Auschwitz is a “Post-Holocaust” documentary that follows six extraordinary
women, capturing what it means to move from tragedy and trauma towards life.
These women all moved to Los Angeles, married, raised children and became
“Americans” but they never truly found a place to call home.

9:15PM BATTLEFIELDS – Hedgerow Hell (60m, France)
Battlefields (Champs de Bataille) is a French tv documentary series broadcasted on
RMC Découverte and produced by Phare Ouest since 2014. Each Battlefields
episode reveals the mysteries of a major contemporary battle, and this one is
about the battle of the hedgerows.

10:20PM USS Indianapolis: The Legacy (99m, U S A)
The Legacy Project tells the fate of the World War II heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis
using exclusively first-person accounts. The last crew and their families share
gripping stories of kamikaze attacks, invasions, a secret mission, and ultimately a
devastating torpedo attack that killed three fourths of the crew. The survivors
recall the 5 days they spent floating alone in the Pacific Ocean, their miraculous
rescue, and how they fought together to clear their captain’s name.

June 4-Bayeux, Cinema Le Melies

6PM Winter War (140m, France)
January 1945. The first French regiment of paratroopers to fight with an American
unit to liberate Alsace in France. An Allied Division must take the forest bordering
the town of Jebsheim, several days before the attack that would later be called the
‘French Stalingrad.’

8:30PM The Unimaginable Journey of Peter Ertel (90m, U S A)
A reluctant German Platoon Leader who became a POW is recruited by his captors
to be a U.S. Government agent, then goes on to work 25 years for a small U.S.
company owned by Orthodox Jews.

10:00PM WHISPERS (33m, France)
When Betty, a 16 years old girl from Normandy, meets Suzie, member of the
Resistance, she enters a new world : a network, another day life and also a
cabaret where she whispers to the ears of the defiant, the address where to get
their fake ID. It’s also her arrest, then, the end of the war…

10:35PM The River (12m, United Kingdom, Cyprus)
A young soldier tries to maintain his identity and humanity, seeking catharsis in
the waters of a river.

10:50PM America’s Last 5 Star General (7m, U S A)
Known as the ‘soldiers’ general’, General Omar N. Bradley was appointed the field
commander of American soldiers for the invasion of D-Day. The successful attack
allowed the Allies to move directly against the German army in France. Within a
year, the war was over and the world was once again safe for democracy.

11:00PM Prisoner 9157 (30m, Canada)
In 1944, Dr. Georges Boogaerts, a Belgian surgeon held as a political prisoner in
the Struthof concentration camp, resists losing his humanity by helping the sick in
the infirmary. He becomes a key witness of the Nazis’ medical experiments and
secret crimes committed in the crematorium block.

11:30PM A Good Man’s Company (10m, U S A)
95-year-old World War Two veteran Jack Bertram recalls his time spent as a B17
bomber pilot stationed at Horham Air Force Base, England in 1942.

11:45PM Champagne (11m, U S A)
Two stranded American soldiers decide the fate German captor.

June 5-Bayeux, Cinema Le Melies

6PM SWITCHBLADE – A Brazilian Battalion in the Gothic Line (56m, Brazil)
How strong and enduring can the impact war causes on a human being be? This is
one of the questions approached in this documentary, whose background is the
trajectory of the men from 3rd Battalion of the 6th Infantry Regiment —
“Navalha” [“Switchblade’] —, of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, in Italy, during
World War II.

7PM A Roar of Wolf Troops (90m, China)
During World War II, when the Japanese Imperial Army invades China, the Wolf
troops of the Zhuang minority embark on a secret mission to protect a
consignment of medicine vital to China’s war effort. When the enemy learns about
the mission, they attempt to hijack the goods and a great struggle ensues.

8:35PM Kurzeme Fortress (9m, Australia)
A deeply moving story about the tragic impact of war on a young family, but
ultimately, also a story of survival and resolution. Unaware of what is to come a
24-year-old Voldemārs joins the Latvian Army in 1940. Soon after he meets Millija
while on leave and they fall deeply in love. With a mass invasion coming in from
Russia and soon Germany, this young family will forever be changed.

8:50PM All American (9m, U S A)
72 years later, D-Day paratrooper Les Cruise returns to the WWII plane he jumped
from – this time with 4 generations of family by his side.
9:05PM A Way to Remember (35m, United Kingdom)
A young mother follows her father, following a WWII veteran, to Normandy for
the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, questioning the meaning of

9:50PM Our Father (15m, United Kingdom)
The Second World War is experienced through the journey of Private Cole, a
dramatic study of the contrasting nature between the innocence of childhood and
the reality of war, and the emotional struggle that accompanies it.

11:10PM Wings for Victory (13m, United Kingdom)
Hounded by the echoes of his experiences, a disillusioned World War II Airman
returns home, searching for peace of mind. A musical phrase resonates above it

11:25PM NOCEBO (9m, India, Czech Republic, Italy)
Love, rape, revenge: the memories of a Nazi soldier’s romance unfold fifteen years
after the end of WWII. The mystery of the consequence of an unbearable outrage
to be revealed as syphilis turns into the nurse’s payback: a ‘sweet medicine’ that
carries the same mercilessness of her rape’s perpetrators.

11:35PM Promise Land (16m, U S A)
In 1939 Poland, two Jewes, Ackerman and Laura are hiding into a small abandon
wooded-clinic from the German soldiers while Ackerman hurt his leg. When they
think they are safe for the night, two Germans carry a dying soldier who gets hurt
from the Resistance break into the clinic trying to seek for a doctor, which
Ackerman is mistaken for the clinic doctor.

11:50PM THE FINAL FROLIC (12m, United Kingdom)
Set in 1940 England, three young boys, the night before they have to go and fight
the Nazis, decide to have one last big night out and find them selves waking up in
unfamiliar land and realize that this ‘Final Frolic’ has gone a little too far.

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